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Welcome To Club Gravitation !!! </u>

About the Club : This is a club for people who like / love the Anime and manga Gravitation !

Update :

i am sorry i have not been on. i have a sick dog keeping me up for the last few days >_<
if someone wants to help out here let me know it would be nice to have some help ^_^

New Members :  

Submiting Artwork :  It has to be some one or something from the Anime or manga Gravitation .

Contest :
None at the moment
but if you got a idea please tell us

:icontheliondemon-kaimra: :iconinuyasha666hiei: both are me

:iconchelsea-c: my sister she helped me make it when it was a club here before the groups showed up

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Submitted on
January 11, 2012


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